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My name is WTFDaily and you can find all our amazing competitions and server news here first. If you have any questions which you would like an answer to, please feel free to message me in game or send us an email at [email protected] and one of us will get right back to you. Alternatively, you can always message us on the official discord chat:

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have:

What can I do on the server?

The server is a family friendly survival server where you'll be encouraged to work, trade and share with other players. There is no worldwide PvP meaning that you can work hard on your village in peace.

What are the server rules?

When you play the server, we ask you to follow some simple rules to make sure everyone can have fun! A full rule list can be found on: However here is some of the key rules:

             ·        No griefing, stealing or trolling.

             ·        Watch your language. CapeCraft has a zero-tolerance attitude towards swearing, bullying and abuse.

How can I become a higher rank?

  Ranks are gained through donations, you can find them all here:

Can I become a staff member?

  Unfortunately, you cannot apply to be a staff member,however this does not mean you cannot become one! We do not take applications but instead we look out players who follow the rules and show correct behaviour towards server life.

I need help!

  Don’t worry if your stuck or someone is causing your problems, the staff are here to help! You have some different options to get in contact with us.

Staff Members:


neffy_: Moderator

Introversion: Moderator


        ·        If there is a staff member on the server, try asking for help in the chat.

        ·        If a staff member is not available, message the discord support chat.

        ·        If all else fails, contact us on: [email protected]

That's all for now!