by DylanDaily,

CapeCraft Staff

As some of you noticed, our staff team has reduced over the past few weeks. As our staff is hand selected to perform different tasks for CapeCraft I thought it would be useful for you to see what each member of the team does and how you can get involved!


James (Founder)

James is the founder of our server and maintains all the complicated stuff that goes on behind the server. James works very hard so that you can play on the server day or night without experiencing any problems.


Dylan (Admin + Community Manager)

My job is to make sure that you can be up to date on everything CapeCraft, as well as moderating the server I also manage the blog and YouTube channel.You will often find me in the discord chat helping people with major issues or having general chats. I also manage competitions on the server so that you can win in-game prizes.

Introversion (Moderator)

Intro is the moderator of the server, she makes sure that everyone follows the rules and has fun. She is here to help you with any server issues that you may come across. Intro is also our server builder, she works hard to make sure all the public areas on the server look amazing.


As always any of our staff are here to help so you may get a reply from anyone of us.


How can I get involved?

Discord- Join our discord and get chatting, we have different chat rooms that let you report issues, make suggestions or even just have a talk with the community.

YouTube- Have you got a clip recorded on the server that you just want to share? Get in contact with me and I will help get you on the official YouTube channel.

Moderation- We all want to have a fun time on the server and as a community we should stop people from ruining our fun. If you spot rule breakers or witness bad language you can get in touch with a Mod and they will sort it all for you.


Please remember that staff are handpicked so we cannot accept applications at this time. If you want to show your interest, keep being a responsible player who gets involved using all the ways I have shown you above.