These are the rules if you want to AFK. If you want to use a designated alt, click here!

  1. Must do ./afk to be allowed to farm while away from keyboard
  2. If found afk without running ./afk your playtime will be reset
  3. Prepare the area you are going to afk in
    1. Light up the area
    2. Protect the player
    3. Prevent item build up
      1. Collect all items produced
      2. Destroy extra
    4. Prevent mob buildup and collision
      1. Kill collected mobs quickly
      2. Give mobs that stay a large area to move in
    5. Prevent lag as best as you can
      1. Cover hoppers with droppers/furnaces
      2. Block off the outside of tall redstone torch towers
      3. Use water streams instead of long hopper chains
  4. No afking at public farms
  5. No auto reloggers
  6. No automation bots
  7. AutoHotkey is allowed
    1. Don’t use memory reading
  8. Time lost while afk will not be returned
    1. Make sure you are not afk when playing
    2. You will be notified above your hotbar when you are afk
If you break any of these rules your access to the afk command will removed!