These are the rules if you have an alt. You'll need to let staff know in discord if you want to register one!

  1. Don’t AFK with your main
  2. Please prep the area you plan on afking in
    1. Light up the area
    2. Block yourself in
    3. Cover hoppers
    4. Reduce amount of colliding mobs to a minimum
    5. Have a way to pickup all items created in your area
  3. If you don’t follow the above rule and it causes lag, you will be kicked for the reason of [lag]
  4. Don’t afk at public farms
Stipulations on alt accounts
  1. Wont get kicked for being afk
  2. Can't talk in chat (will be muted by staff)
  3. Doesn’t get playtime perks
  4. Doesn’t track playtime
  5. Can /tpa
  6. Has no homes